Project Mu Super Lock Nut 7 (PRO-MU-SUP7-12x125)

Project Mu Super Lock Nut 7 (PRO-MU-SUP7-12x125) Image

Project Mu Super Lock Nut 7. These Project Mu locking lug nuts are some of, if not the best on the market. First you would think it's their distinctive blue cap but mainly it is their unique hetagon shape that sets them apart from their counterparts. This 7 sided lug is an anti-theft detterant? How so? Go into your garage and check your sockets and see how many have 7 sides...exactly. Aside from that, they are made from SCM435 Alloy, making them not only strong but long lasting. Lug size is: 12mmx1.25 (CLOSED/ACORN) . Color is: Black w/Blue Cap. Sold as a Set of 20. Shipping is: $13.00. Key Is Included. PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS ITEM FITS BEFORE ORDERING.

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