BLOX Extended Wheel Studs (BLOX-EXT-12x150-20)

BLOX Extended Wheel Studs (BLOX-EXT-12x150-20) Image

BLOX Extended Wheel Studs. These extended wheels studs are typically used when you are using wheels spacers, wider wheels or racing tires. They are made of high quality, high strength alloy steel and should be used with open ended lugs that are preferrably forged. Per BLOX, these studs should be spot welded once installed. Lug size is: 12mmx1.50. Length is: 82.5mm. Color is: Standard. Sold as a Set of 20 (5-Lug). Shipping is: $8.00. Fits: Most Hondas/Acuras needing a Knurled End of: 12.25mm. PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS ITEM FITS BEFORE ORDERING.

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