G2 Brake Caliper Paint (G2CAL-PAINT-WHT)

G2 Brake Caliper Paint (G2CAL-PAINT-WHT) Image

GS Brake Caliper Paint (White). This two-part paint system is as good as it gets! If you want your calipers, drums or other brake components to have that aftermarket and custom look, then this set is for you. As long as you prep the parts that you want to paint properly and you allow the paint to cure fully, your end result will not only look good but last a long time. A high gloss finish and heat resistance up to 950 degrees makes this paint perfect for street and race cars. Color is White. Pricing is per Kit. Shipping is: $12.00. Set includes brake cleaner, paint, paint system reactor, stirstick, brush, decal and instructions. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONCE THIS PAINT IS MIXED, IT IS ONLY GOOD FOR 4-6 HOURS.

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