About Project IMPOST'HER
Project IMPOST'HER is a 2014 Hyundai Sonata GLS with a 2.4L GDi engine and automatic transmission w/manual shift. Here you will see the progress of Project IMPOST'HER. Along the way I will be adding some How2's so that you can do some of the things I have done to your ride.


Okay sooooo, Project GSRT went down and I had to get another car. Grabbed the 2014 Hyundai Sonata 2.4L GLS model. This is not the 2.0L Turbo model and I'm actually okay with that...sort of. I wasn't looking for anything when I got this car. All I wanted was power everything and no steelies with hubcaps. So this is what was put in my lap and I'm grateful. I said from day one, all I was going to do was drive this car like a grown up. That actually lasted for a while before I started looking online and seeing some of the things others were doing with Sonatas. Jeez, why did I do that. Now I see the potential and I've been thinking of a dozen different things I want to do. Look, it happened and now we just have to get through this together! I will say that I will not go as extreme as I've seen. 18" maaaaybe 19" wheels with some drop springs. I did see some coilover setups that look really good but I'm not there yet. This car is already low to the ground so a nice drop just makes it look perfect. The basics like tint and trunk spoiler are on the list. Along with Slotted/cross drilled rotors and ceramic pads. May go with some adjustables in the rear once it's lowered but I want to keep it as a fun grown-up daily. Enginewise, not much as it's still under warranty so bolt ons yes, internals, no. Other than that, you'll just have to wait and see. I don't want to tell you everything I'm doing before I do it. Oh, IMPOST'HER will be the first vehicle sporting the GSRT-S stuff. GSRT-S is just the Sport Line of GyrlSpeed. It has to have the GSRT-S specific pinstriping, painted calipers, yellow trimline, GSRT-S decals and other Sport specific stuff I have not thought of yet. That's about it for now. Stay tuned to see what's coming up for Project IMPOST'HER Spring 2020. See you soon!!!


Here is a complete list of all the Mods/Changes along with Future Changes:

Mods/Changes for Summer 2021:

  • KSport/D2 Lowering Springs
  • 19" Genesis Coupe Wheels(Staggered)
  • Catback Exhaust (TBD)
  • EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads
  • Powerslot Rotors (F/R)
  • 20% Tint
  • LED License Plate Bulbs

Mods/Changes Exterior:

  • GSRT Custom: GSRT-S Pinstriping (Black/Yellow)
  • GSRT Custom: Plasti-Dipped Grille (Black)
  • GSRT Custom: Lower Grille Trim (Yellow)
  • GSRT Custom: Plasti-Dipped Rear Bumper Reflectors (Black)
  • Front Lip Kit (Black)
  • 'IMPOST'HER Front Plate (Silver/Black)
  • f24 GDi Badge
  • KDM Badge Changeover (Front/Rear Yellow 'K') /Steering Wheel/CenterCaps)
  • KDM Badge Changeover (Steering Wheel/CenterCaps)
  • Ventshade Visors (Black)
  • Shark Racing Rear Window Spoiler (Black)
  • Shark Racing C-Pillar Decal Kit (Black)
  • OEM Style Spoiler (Black)
  • Universal 'Mini' Side Skirts (Black)
  • GSRT Custom: Bottom of Door Missing Mod (Black)

Mods/Changes Interior:

  • Pedals: Gas, Brake, E-Brake & Dead Pedal (Aluminum/Black)
  • Custom added Heel Plate (Aluminum/Black)

Mods/Changes Engine/Underhood/ICE:

  • Injen Cold Air Intake (Black)
  • Heads- Up Display

Mods/Changes Wheels/Braking/Suspension:

  • GSRT Custom: Painted Calipers/Brackets (Yellow)
  • 18" KMC KM685 District Wheels (Silver)
  • Kumho Ecsta KU22 (225-45-18)
  • Ultra Racing Performance Front Strut Bar

Mods/Changes Lighting:

  • Black/Smoked Housing Headlights w/Clear Corners
  • Vland LED Tail Lights w/LED Trunk Lights
  • HID Low Beam Conversion Kit
  • Silverstar ZXE DRL/High Beam Bulbs
  • Silverstar License Plate Bulbs

Mods/Changes Audio/Video/Entertainment:


Future Mods/Changes:

  • LED Conversion DRL/Hi Beams
  • Dual Exhaust Bumper Insert
  • Catback Dual Exhaust