Project GSRT

About Project GSRT
Project GSRT, a.k.a Sattie is a 2000 Saturn SL1 with a 1.9L EFI-OHC engine and automatic transmission. Here you will see the progress of Project GSRT. Along the way I will be adding some How2's so that you can do some of the things I have done to your ride.


So, life got in the way and I hardly did ANYTHING to my ride ALL SUMMER. I know I am not alone so therefore there will be no pity party here. I had it all planned out, remove this, replace with that. Get this regrinded and install that. Paint this and add that. Did any of it get done...NOPE!!! Although, this is more than a hobby to me, I still ahd to focus on priorities and eventhough this is a priority, it wasn't number one. So, off to the side everything went that I wanted to do. No need to worry because I am still blessed and still have time to do what I want to, to this vehicle. The smartest thing to do is get a new daily. I cannot drive this car daily AND do all the mods I want...not gonna happen. Currently I am eyeing a couple cars that will give me a little fun on the road everyday and in all types of weather...hint hint. Anywho, that's what's going on now. Right now tho, my baby is bare bones on the outside! No pinstripe or anything, just the skirt, blacked out tails and matte wheels. I did switch out the tires to a set of Maxxis MA-V1s in 215-45-17. Never had a performance tire that tall BUT I am happy with them. I've had these on for about a year and a half andI must say, they are better that I thought they would be. Stick really well and no sliding. Great all around tire. Only problem is that with the Eibach Springs, they do tend to rub over the slightest dip. May just grab some fender guards to fix that. Anyway, it feels like I'm rambling so I'll hurry up...Stay tuned to see what's coming up for Project GSRT Spring 2018. See you next Spring!!!


Here is a complete list of all the Mods/Changes along with Future Changes:

Mods/Changes for Spring/Summer 2017:

  • Progress Sport Springs (1.8in F/R)
  • KYB GR-2 Struts
  • KYB Mounts
  • OBX Header and Downpipe
  • Magnaflow Hi-Flow Cat
  • Re-upholster Door Panels (Black/Grey)
  • Carbon Fiver Vinyl Wrapped Roof and Trunk (Silver)
  • 'GSRT' Trunk lettering (Matte Black)
  • Silver Wheels (17")
  • EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads
  • Powerslot Rotors
  • 20% Tint
  • Upgrade Speakers
  • Upgrade Headunit (Pioneer)
  • LED Bulb Switch Out (Brake/Tail/Trunk/Sidemarkers)
  • Custom Fit Lexus Mirrors (Foldable)

Mods/Changes Exterior:

  • Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrapped Hood (Silver)
  • Roof Mounted Antenna
  • R34 Sideskirts (Silver)
  • 35% Tint (Smoke Grey)
  • Turn Signal Mirror Mod (Blue)
  • 'SATURN' Bumper decal (Silver)
  • GSRT Custom: Pinstriping (Silver)
  • 'GYRLSPEED' Euro Style Front Plate
  • 'GSRT' Trunk Lettering (Silver)
  • GSRT Custom: Mesh Grille
  • GSRT Custom: Painted Air Deflector (Silver)
  • Ventshade Visors (Black)

Mods/Changes Interior:

  • Reverse Glow Gauges (Whiteface)
  • Black Chrome Pedals
  • Top Mount Shift Knob (Matte Chrome)
  • Black Seat Covers (Front/Rear)
  • Black Mats (Front/Rear)
  • GSRT Custom Painted: Rear Deck Lid (Black)
  • GSRT Custom Painted: Saturn Emblem [Steering Wheel] (Silver)

Mods/Changes Engine/Underhood:

  • 2.25in Custom Exhaust Cat-Back to Volt Muffler
  • AEM Short Ram Air Intake (Metallic Blue)
  • VMS Bored Throttle Body
  • NGK V-Power Plugs
  • Bonehead Performance Powdercoated Valve Cover (Metallic Blue)
  • GSRT Custom Painted: Battery Tie Down (Metallic Blue)
  • GSRT Custom Painted: Top Intake Manifold (Silver)
  • GSRT Custom Painted: AIR Valve (Silver)

Mods/Changes Braking/Suspension:

  • Eibach Lowering Springs (ProKit)
  • KYB GR-2 Struts
  • KYB Strut Mounts
  • SPS Billet Front Strut Bar
  • 17X7.5in TRAKlite Brake Wheels (Matte Black)
  • Maxxis MA-V1 Tires (215-45-17)
  • Wagner Brake Pads (Stock)
  • Wagner Rotors (Stock)
  • AMR Rear Strut Bar (Black)
  • GSRT Custom Painted: Calipers/Drums/Brackets (Black)

Mods/Changes Lighting:

  • HID Conversion Kit (Purple Tint)
  • Sylvania Silverstars DRL/High Beam Bulbs
  • StreetGlow Optx Underbody Lighting (Purple)
  • Clear Side Markers w/Hyperwhite Bulbs
  • GSRT Custom: Blacked Out Tails

Mods/Changes Audio/Video/Entertainment:

  • Boss 7in. Touchscreen DVD/CD/Everything Headunit
  • 12 Disc Pioneer CD Changer

Future Mods/Changes:

  • L300 Tailight Conversion
  • Custom LipKit
  • Front/Rear Recaro Seats from Ion Redline