Links, Links and More Links!

Here I have listed some of the sites that I like and visit very often. Click through and see if you like them too...just don't forget to come back. Oh and if you have or have have found a good website that you think I should be checking out, send me the link. If I like it, you'll see it here. If I don't like it...well, you'll understand...;)

Gyrlspeed Racing Team Performance Shop - Should be a no brainer why I added it...eventhough it's also on the navigation bar up top.

GyrlSpeed on Facebook - Another no brainer.

Puma - Love sneakers...enough said.

Sixthsphere - The best Saturn Forum on the planet...get it...planet...nevermind. Just go there already.

Avon - Yes, you read that right! Avon! I'm still girly you know! Avon has the best prices for skincare, makeup and accessories around!

CoffeeCup - Hands down, the best place online to get software if you design your own website, like me!


Link Disclaimer:
Plain and simple, if you click on a link, you agree to THAT sites' terms, conditions and privacy policies! Although I choose sites wisely, I am NOT responsible for ANY material available on THEIR website OR any other site that you clickthrough from that webiste...capish!